Your health and wellbeing is our highest priority.

About Us

Innovation Through Passion

We are passionate about using science and technology to solve human health and safety problems; and constantly pushing the quality of our innovations to set new standards for touchless autonomous functionality.

We are data, result, and cost driven. Our team-members come from the fields of microbiology, robotics, chemistry, computer science, and artificial intelligence. We want to make public environments safe and healthy around the world.

Our Core Values

Creation of Synergy

We coexist as a team, being inspired by others to constantly improve.

Promoting Innovation

We encourage our team to push the limits of human innovation.

Moving Forward

We believe that what we do in the present impacts who we become in the future.

Valuing People

Every one of us has a combination of experiences and skills that allows us to contribute in a unique way as we work together to create a better world.

Giving Back

At the end of day we should always ask ourselves what we have given back to our community and society.


We will always serve our customers with integrity.

Solutions for a safer and cleaner environment.

We are the global leader in integrated and sustainable robotic disinfection solutions. Our products are designed and supported with a complete understanding of our customers' applications and needs.

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