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Stay Informed Of A Better Way To Disinfect

August 15, 2020 | By MedBot

MedBot researched disinfection technologies on the market and findings are below:

Pro and cons of each disinfection method

Wiping with Disinfectant Ozone Disinfection UVGI Disinfection HPV Disinfection  UVGI Disinfection on Mobile
Time for Disinfection Medium Long Short Medium Very Short
Human Dependency High High Medium High Low
Cost to Disinfection High High Low Medium Very Low
Toxic Level Medium Medium None Low None
Corrosive Level Medium High Low Medium Low
Environmentally Friendly Medium Low High Medium High
Surface Disinfection Effectiveness Low Medium Medium High High
Blind Spots Effectiveness Low Medium Low High High
Air Disinfection Effectiveness None High Low High Low


Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), some also call it UVC.

Hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) 

UVGI disinfection has the advantage that it is quick (in minutes) and effective on direct and close-by surfaces with no residues.

However, UVGIs are 1. The effectiveness is distance dependence: the closer the distance between the objects and the UV source, the higher intensity becomes, and the shorter time needed for disinfection.  2. Need to avoid any human exposure. 3. Need to solve blind-spot (optical occlusion) issues

One good way to solve UVGI limitation is to use autonomous mobile based UVC robot.

HPV disinfection has the advantages of wider microorganism deactivation and less dependence on distance.

The drawbacks are: 1. Need longer time (around an hour) for the reactions to complete the disinfection. 2. Need to avoid any human exposure. 3. Need aeration after each use. 4. Human errors on preparing/filling solutions.

To decide which disinfection method to use we need to consider pros and cons of each method and come up with a flexible and optimized choice for most application situations.  If you want to discuss your cleaning and disinfection needs please contact us at or call us at 407-907-7629.

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